Collaboration with WCO European ROCB

Through its Baku Regional Office the INCU cooperates with the WCO European Regional Office for Capacity Building to support Customs capacity building efforts in the region.

The first event – tea and cocktail reception on the day of the Official Opening of the INCU Baku Regional Office.

The first INCU Baku Regional Office event, that is the Launch of New Initiatives of the Baku Regional Office, was held on the premises of the WCO ROCB on 26 January 2016.

Since then a number of INCU Regional Office events have been hosted by the WCO ROCB at their magnificent office.

Every event organised by the INCU Baku Regional Office includes a visit and tour of the WCO European ROCB.


The INCU wishes to thank the WCO European ROCB and its Head, Mr Roger Hermann, for their continued cooperation.