World Customs Journal

The World Customs Journal is INCU’s flagship publication.

The World Customs Journal (WCJ) is published twice a year by INCU Members, Charles Sturt University, Australia and the University of Muenster, Germany in association with the INCU.

WCJ includes contributions from both academics and customs practitioners and is designed to provide customs professionals, academics, industry researchers, and research students with an opportunity to share and draw upon research, academic commentary and practical insights to enhance its readers’ knowledge and understanding of all aspects of the roles and responsibilities of Customs.

Journal’s Launch

The first edition of the WCJ was launched at the WCO PICARD Conference in March 2007. At the Journal’s launch, the then Secretary-General of the WCO, Mr Michel Danet, stated:

“The World Customs Journal will serve as a valuable source of reference for Customs to meet the requirements of the new strategic environment. It will also serve as the flagship of the cooperative effort being made by the WCO and the academic world. I hope that Customs managers, students and researchers everywhere will take this opportunity to publish valuable insights into the world in and around Customs.”

The current WCO Secretary-General, Dr Kunio Mikuriya, (who  was then the Deputy Secretary-General of the WCO) was also present at the Journal’s launch and expressed his appreciation of “the efforts of the INCU in providing customs professionals, academics, industry researchers, and research students with a medium through which to share insights and knowledge in the customs field”.

In 2016, WCJ reached a significant milestone – a full ten years of publication! To mark the Journal’s tenth anniversary, the INCU will be producing a commemorative edition of bound volumes.

The WCJ Editorial Board welcomes papers on customs affairs and related international trade matters. Detailed guidelines and requirements for submission of papers are available on the WCJ website.