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The process to apply to become a member or affiliate of INCU is relatively simple, but all applications are subject to approval by the INCU Management Committee.

The INCU membership year runs from 1 January to 31 December. Applications for membership can be submitted any time electronically by selecting a suitable membership category below and completing our online membership application.

Membership Application Process

The following is an outline of the membership application process and steps involved:

Stage 1 The applicant reviews membership options, benefits and eligibility requirements, and submits an online membership application for an appropriate membership category.
Stage 2 Preliminary application assessment by INCU Secretariat and sending the application to the INCU Management Committee for consideration.
Stage 3 Assessment by the INCU Management Committee and decision.
Stage 4 The applicant is informed whether the application has been approved or not, and an invoice for annual membership fee is issued to the applicant.
Stage 5 Once a membership fee has been paid, the INCU Secretariat activates the applicant’s membership account and issues a Membership Certificate.

Prospective applicants are encouraged to read eligibility criteria and benefits attached to different membership categories, as well as general terms and conditions of membership set out the INCU Constitution before submitting their application. By submitting your application, you are taken to have agreed to the terms and conditions of INCU membership.

Unless specifically requested otherwise, successful applicants will be included in the Membership Directory on the INCU website and announced as new INCU members/affiliates in a next forthcoming INCU newsletter.


Select Your Preferred Membership Option

Level Price  
Institutional Member €500.00 per Year. Select
Individual Member €100.00 per Year. Select
Young/Student Member €50.00 per Year. Select
Affiliate Non-academic Institution €500.00 per Year. Select
Affiliate Academic Institution Free. Select

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Please Note:

  • The term “academic institution” includes universities, research centres, colleges, customs academies, professional training institutes, other educational and research institutions.
  • Where a person is an employee or a student of an Institutional INCU Member, that person will receive a 50% discount on their Individual INCU membership.
  • Young/Student Membership is available only to full-time students and persons under 25 years of age.