Journal of Customs and Economics Review

The Journal of Customs and Economics Review (JCER) is published by an INCU Member, the Academy of the State Customs Committee of Azerbaijan with support from the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan and INCU Baku Regional Office. The Journal was launched in 2017 and is published twice a year in English.

The JCER is an academic journal that aims to publish high-quality papers on a wide spectrum of topics across customs work, business, economics and finance and provide a platform for researchers and professionals to share their research findings and valuable experiences in these fields.

Special attention is paid to economics, financial analysis and customs issues, but the Editorial Team is ready to offer JCER readership high-quality articles on law and information and communication technology (ICT).

There is not a hefty cohort of academic journals that currently publish work across suggested and interrelated disciplines altogether. Accordingly, the launch of the JCER is purely market driven phenomena as it reflects increased demand for high-quality empirical investigations and scarcity of academic outlets on customs matters that serve as means of exchanging the results of research in the field.

The Editorial Team of JCER welcomes submissions from practitioners and academics including students and less experienced researchers. For further information about JCER, style requirements and submission guidelines please see past JCER editions. Currently, the publication of JCER has been suspended and put on hold until further notice.