World Customs Journal – Special Compilation (May 2018)

To mark the occasion of Dr Alan Bersin’s admission as INCU Honorary Fellow, the INCU is pleased to release a Special Compilation of the World Customs Journal containing a paper by Dr Bersin titled ‘Lines and Flows: The Beginning and End of Borders’ and Addendum I in English, Spanish and Russian languages.

This compilation is now available to INCU members in the members-only resources of our website.

The INCU wishes to thank Socorro Regino, María Gabriela Carrillo, Carlos Carrillo, Enrique Carrillo and Ariadna Arola for their assistance with Spanish translations and Alina Morozova, Anastasiia Grinkova and Natalia Kulagina (students of North-West Institute of Management RANEPA, Saint-Petersburg) for their assistance with Russian translations.