WCO Performance Measurement Mechanism (PMM) – Provide Your Input!

At the 1st meeting of the newly established Working Group on Performance Measurement (WGPM), the World Customs Organization (WCO) proposed the establishment of a comprehensive WCO Performance Measurement Mechanism (PMM) incorporating all Customs competencies for assessing and improving Customs organisational performance, aiming at boosting economic development and business environment at national and international level.

The methodology of the new PMM envisages the elaboration of the key performance indicators (KPIs), both quantitative and qualitative, in all Customs competencies (revenue collection, trade facilitation and economic competitiveness, enforcement, security and protection of society, etc.), acknowledging that objectively verifiable indicators are the basis of a strategic and evidence-based policy-making processes

Featuring key performance indicators (KPIs), the PMM is based on objectively verifiable indicators.

In regard to this pivotal collective initiative, the WCO is currently working on mapping the existing international practices to define the scope and criteria for the development of the KPIs that can measure organisational performance at different levels (e.g. impact, outcome, process, input, etc.).

Acknowledging the experience and expertise held by INCU members and affiliates, the WCO is seeking your input. In particular, you are kindly requested to share:

  • any existing publication/research paper or research agenda (or any documentation) for organisational performance measurement methodology, in particular on KPIs development, test and review that you have developedor are aware of; and
  • any research papers addressing methodological aspects of the quality assurance of data collected through Surveys and the credibility of global assessments carried out by International organizations.

Please send your responses/input to the INCU Secretariat at: info@incu.org by 10 March 2020, which will form part of the consolidated INCU submission to the WCO WGPM.