WCO Data Strategy & INCU Involvement

Since September 2021, the WCO Secretariat has been working on a strategy to improve its response to data matters and make it more consistent within the Organization, more practical and better tailored to all WCO Members’ needs. Data is part of the Technology and Innovation focus area of the WCO Strategic Plan 2022/2023. An overview of the Data Strategy was presented at the December 2021 Policy Commission and received positive feedback from WCO Members.

The WCO is encouraging its academic partners to engage with them in progressing the Data Strategy, and the INCU has pledged its support for this important initiative. We therefore encourage all members whose interests fall within this field of research to contact the INCU Secretariat (info@incu.org) and advise the particular aspect of the Data Strategy which their research activities may be able to support.

Please see the document which outlines the WCO Data Strategy and areas where INCU members could get involved. We look forward to hearing from you.