WCO Accredits Customs Program of Samara State Technical University

On 5 March 2020, the WCO awarded a Certificate of Recognition to INCU Institutional Member, Samara State Technical University (SSTU) located in Samara, Russia certifying that its academic program “Customs Affairs” (Masters Level) meets the requirements of the WCO international standards for the Customs profession.

SSTU Dean of Department, Konstantin Trubitsyn with Director of WCO Capacity Building Directorate, WCO PICARD Programme Manager, and INCU President.

The Certificate of Recognition was formally presented to SSTU at the 11th session of the WCO Capacity Building Committee (CBC) by the WCO Director of Capacity Building Directorate, Mr Taeil Kang and the WCO PICARD Programme Manager, Mr Giovanni Gaeta. INCU President, Prof. David Widdowson congratulated SSTU on its achievement.