Second Group of Students from Shanghai Customs College Complete Their INCU Summer Internship

A further two students from Shanghai Customs College (SCC), Ms Lingmeng Kong and Ms Jiachen Zhou participated in the INCU Summer Internship program from 13 August to 6 September 2018 at the INCU Secretariat office in Canberra, Australia.

This is the second group of SCC students to take part in the INCU Summer Internship program in Australia, further developing and expanding a long-standing and ongoing cooperation between INCU and SCC.

This internship offers students an international stage to understand and take part in building relationships between INCU and other institutions and organisations while assisting the Secretariat with varying tasks and projects.

The two interns have worked under the supervision of Head of INCU Secretariat, Dr Mikhail Kashubsky, and their specific tasks and responsibilities included:

  • assistance with membership affairs of INCU ;
  • administration,operation and promotion of social media accounts of INCU; and
  • assistance with various research-related tasks and activities.

The objective of the INCU internship is to allow students to further develop their skills and obtain professional experience in the field of customs and international trade education, research and capacity-building, in order to better prepare students for future job opportunities.

As these two periods of internship came to a successful completion, INCU will continue welcoming customs students and young researchers from institutions that are members, affiliates or partners of the INCU to take part in the INCU internship program to further develop their skills and gain valuable work experience while further strengthening cooperation between INCU and their respective institutions.