Review of the PICARD Professional Standards

In November 2012, the WCO requested INCU and its other academic partners to provide advice on the WCO Professional Standards with a view to consider possible updates and revisions of the Professional Standards.

In response to the WCO’s request, in December 2012, INCU provided its submission to the WCO (a copy of which is located in the INCU Documents Vault] recommending several changes to the Professional Standards and the WCO Guidelines for Recognition of University Customs Curricula.

In February 2013, the WCO again asked the INCU and other members of the PICARD Advisory Group to provide further comments on the Professional Standards. The WCO would welcome any advice and input from the INCU Members and Affiliates on the Standards’ review scope.

Accordingly, we kindly ask our Members to provide observations and suggestions for improvements and amendments of the WCO Professional Standards. The INCU Secretariat will consolidate the responses from the INCU Members and Affiliates and will prepare a submission to the WCO.

If you are interested in participating, please provide your responses to us by 7 May 2013. The names of those who provided their comments and feedback will also be listed in the INCU submission to the WCO.