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Date added 7 November 2008
Category Publications - World Customs Journal

This download contains PDF files of the Complete Issue (Vol.2 No.2) and individual articles published in this issue.

Table of contents:

  • Editorial
  • Special Reports
    • WCO PICARD Conference 2008 – Summary
    • WCO Global dialogue on capacity building, London, UK
      • Opening remarks by Mike Eland, Director General, UK Customs
      • Opening remarks by Kunio Mikuriya, WCO Secretary General elect
  • Section 1 – Academic Contributions
    • The INCU as a tool for capacity building
      Jhon Fonseca
    • Is free trade with China in peril?
      Achim Rogmann and Bernd Stadtler
    • The importance of change management in reforming Customs
      Jan-Erland Jansson
    • Organisational design of Customs in Sub-Saharan Africa: a critical evaluation
      Creck Buyonge
    • Achieving sustainability in customs capacity building
      Stephen Holloway
    • The role of capacity building in achieving consistent application of international instruments
      David Widdowson
  • Section 2 – Practitioner Contributions
    • WCO regional approach to capacity building
      Takashi Matsumoto
    • Globalisation: challenges for capacity building
      Jean Acri
    • Papua New Guinea Customs: a comprehensive and integrated approach to capacity building
      Chris Wall
    • WCO e-learning program
      Norbert Conchin
  • Section 3 – Letters to the Editor
  • Section 4 – Reference Material
    • Guidelines for Contributors
    • Editorial Board