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Date added 10 October 2018
Category Publications - World Customs Journal

This download contains PDF files of the Complete Issue (Vol.12 No.2) and individual articles published in this issue.

Table of Contents:

  • Editorial
  • Section 1- Academic Contributions
    • What is the cost of customs and borders across the supply chain? …and how to mitigate the cost through better coordination and data sharing
      Andrew Grainger, Roel Huiden, Boriana Rukanova and Yao-Hua Tan
    • Advance rulings and binding pre-entry tariff classification according to Article 3 TFA: Situation 2018—still a long way to go
      Carsten Weerth
    • Enforcement of intellectual roert rihts in Iran in the light of TRIPS agreement
      Alireza Milani and Amir Ahmadi
    • An explorative study into the effectiveness of a customs operation and its impact on trade
      Alwyn J Hoffman, Sonja Grater, Willem C Venter, Juanita Maree and David Liebenberg
    • Blockchain for trade facilitation: Ethereum, eWTP, COs and regulatory issues
      Leonardo Macedo
    • A SCOR model for customs supply chain process design
      Lamia Hammadi, Eduardo Souza de Cursi, Vlad Stefan Barbu, Abdellah Ait Ouahman and  Aomar Ibourk
    • Trade and tax evasion in Indonesia
      Yubiwini and Arianto Patunru
    • A case study of B2C cross-border e-commerce challenges in China from Customs to consumers
      Ti Yu
    • Development of an econometric model of alcohol taxation in Vietnam
      Rob Preece, Eddie Oczkowski, Yapa Bandara and Kontee Nuchaswan
  • Section 2- Special Report
    • Trump’s ‘zero tolerance’ bluff on the border will hurt security, not help
      Alan Bersin, Nate Bruggeman and Ben Rohrbaugh
  • Section 3 – Reference Material
    • Guidelines for Contributors
    • Editorial Board