WCO PICARD Conference 2017

“Partnership in Customs Academic Research and Development”


The 12th annual WCO PICARD Conference took place from 26 to 28 September 2017 in Hammamet, Tunisia was organised by the World Customs Organization (WCO) in partnership with the Tunisian Customs Administration.

Conference Summary

The conference was attended by more than 200 participants from 65 countries, representing Customs administrations, the academic and research communities, international and regional organisations, and the private sector. As in previous years, the 2017 PICARD Conference was attended by many INCU members and affiliates from various parts of the world.

The conference started with opening remarks delivered by Tunisia’s Finance Minister, Mr Ridha Chalghoum, WCO Secretary General Dr Kunio Mikuriya, and a representative of the Korea Customs Service, Mr. Chang-Ryung Han, Director of Information Analysis.

In his welcome address, the Finance Minister, Mr Ridha Chalghoum emphasized the importance of this Conference for the Tunisian Government and Customs. He considered it as a way to nurture the traditional Customs approach and vision with new ideas, to support Customs in its efforts to adequately address the current main challenges at borders, namely terrorism, smuggling, organised crime and corruption.

Secretary General Mikuriya expressed his gratitude to Tunisian Director General of Customs, Mr. Adel Ben Hassen, and his team for hosting the PICARD Conference, extended a warm welcome to the participants, and thanked the Korea Customs Service for supporting the participation of some of the speakers.

Dr. Mikuriya noted that “research activities and discussions on these topics, digging beyond Customs’traditional mandate into areas such as geospatial data, biometrics, or other innovative areas greatly support the Customs community and its stakeholders in their daily work and in their decision-making processes.”

Many INCU members and affiliates actively participated in the Conference including delivering keynote addresses, presentations, and chairing and leading panel and roundtable discussions, and chairing the Youth Forum.

INCU Member, Prof. Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly (University of Victoria, Canada) delivered a Keynote Address on the topic “Borders in Globalization Research”. Presentations were also delivered by the following INCU Members and Affiliates:

  • Dr Salamat Ali (Federal Board of Revenue, Pakistan)
  • Prof Dr Yao-Hua Tan (Delft University of Technology, Netherlands)
  • Mr Xiaoping Jiang (Beijing Re-code Trade Security and Facilitation Research Center, China)
  • Prof Andrey Klochenko (Russian Customs Academy, Russia)
  • Dr Juha Hintsa (Cross-border Research Association, Switzerland)
  • Ms Jenia Peteva (European Commission, Belgium)
  • Dr Andrew Grainger (Nottingham University Business School, UK)
  • Prof Dr Wieslaw Czyzowicz (Warsaw School of Economics, Poland)

Head of INCU Secretariat, Dr Mikhail Kashubsky, led a Roundtable discussion on “Partnership between Academia and Customs”. Other roundtable members included Mr Giovanni Gaeta, Technical Officer, WCO, Dr Audrey Klochenko, Russian Customs Academy, , Dr Tong Hua, WCO Regional Office for Capacity Building (ROCB), Thailand and Mr Yeon Soo Choi, Technical Officer, WCO.

The Conference concluded with a Youth Forum, which provided an opportunity for some 10 students from Belarus, Russia, the Philippines and Tunisia, amongst others, to discuss topics integral to Customs as well as future career possibilities in Customs and international trade. The Youth Forum was chaired by Prof. Elena Bogdanova from ITMO University, St Petersburg, Russia, which is one of INCU’s active Affiliates.

Conference Documents

Conference Presentations

The following presentations were delivered at the conference:

Extensive Margin In International Trade: Evidence from Disaggregated Data
Adeem Khan EN
Customs – Tax Cooperation: Exploiting the Potential of New Technologies
Alicja Majdanska EN
A proposed method for measuring trade facilitation
Andrew Grainger & Duncan Shaw EN
Partnership Customs and University: a Synergy of Knowledge
Andrey Klochenko EN
Data Integration in Customs Risk Management Bai Luojun EN
Biometrics & Border Security: Challenges and Possibilities of Harmonized Standards Benjamin Muller EN
The Structure of Turkey’s Export and the Importance of Inward Process Caglayan Aslan EN
Customs-FIU Cooperation against IFF through trade misinvoicing Chang-Ryung Han EN
Trade Misinvoicing: Why we need a common approach for detection, measurement and prevention Clement Migai EN
Combatting collusion: early lessons from Madagascar Customs Cyril Chalendard, Ana Fernandes, Aaditya Mattoo, Gael Raballand and Bob Rijkers EN
Fraudulent Flow at peruvian – Ecuadorian Border: Leveraging Data Analysis Edwin and Mary EN
Are there lessons for customs in Borders In Globalization research? Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly EN
The Experience of Malagasy Customs in Committing to Performance Eric Rabenja EN
Data Analysis on API/PNR Data Felipe Mendes Moraes EN
Revenue Fraud in WCO ESA: A Mirror Analysis through the lens of Malawi Frank Kalizinje EN
Partnership In Customs Academic Research and Development Giovanni Gaeta EN
Coordination Douane-Impôt Hedi Safer FR
Snapshot of Academia-Customs
Mikhail Kashubsky EN
Trade Facilitation KPIs – Time for an Open Data Framework? Ilmari Soininen EN
Information and Communication Technology(ICT) and Efficiency of Data Analysis in African Customs Lessons Learned from Expirence in Customs Cote d’Ivoire Jacques N’Dri FR
Customs Implementation of Vat One Stop Shop Jenia Peteva EN
Trade barriers and informal trade in Sub-Saharan Africa Joachim Jarreau EN
Cost Measurement in Customs Administrations – What Can Be Measured, How, on What Cost, and with Which Benefits? Juha Hintsa & Sangeeta Mohanty EN
Measuring Trade Facilitation and Border Management Performance Juha Hintsa & Toni Männistö EN
Cross-border collaboration and security at the regional scale:
Western Canada – U.S. Border
Laurie Trautman EN
Effects of Trade Facilitation on Sectoral Trade Leila Baghdadi EN
The Construction of Chinese Single Window Ma Yao EN
Reflections on Methods for Estimating Trade Misinvoicing—Approaching Consensus? Matthew Salomon EN
Globally Standardizing the Aeo Programme for Higher Utilization: Case of Vietnam Nguyen Thi Khanh Hong EN
Geo-Spatial Technologies Application To Customs Olivier Francois EN
Senior Customs Inspector Raymond Mesumbe FR
Cost/Performance Accounting Robert Lussi EN
Analyzing Export Operations in a Developing Economy: 360-degree View from Transaction-level Datasets Salamat Ali EN
Detecting Trade Misinvoicing: Price-Filter method vs. Partner-Country method Simon Pak EN
Trucking, Security and the Nafta Trade Zone Todd Hataley EN
Partnership between Academia and Customs:  Practices in AP Region Tong Hua EN
Customs and tax cooperation in the EU Walter de Wit EN
Trade Facilitation and Legal Security Risk in Customs Compliance Management at International Trade in Goods Companies Wieslaw Czyzowicz EN
Standard and Infrastructure of TRS: The Chinese Experience Xiaoping Jiang EN
The Company Level Compliance Costs Model in the International Supply Chain Yao Hua Tan EN
Partnering with Private Sector and Academia for Organizational Development Yeon Choi EN
Data Mining in Detection of Customs Declaration Frauds Zijie Fan EN

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