WCO PICARD Conference 2011

“Partnership in Customs Academic Research and Development”

The 6th annual PICARD Conference was held from 14 to 16 September 2011 at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.

Conference Summary

A key aim of the annual PICARD Conferences, held since 2006, is to promote high level exchanges on Customs education and professionalism and to encourage more academic research into topics relevant to Customs.

PICARD Conferences are jointly organized by the WCO and INCU, and this year the conference was co-hosted by Cross-border Research Association (CBRA) and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE).

The 2011 PICARD Conference focused on the following four topics and themes:

  • Coordinated border management – – The scope of this topic included the coordination of different regulatory authorities responsible for import, export, transit and other aspects of global trade within a national customs territory, and also cooperation among customs administrations internationally, including cooperation in relation to risk management, trade facilitation, e-customs / e-border management, and the like;
  • Performance measurement of customs– – This topic included the identification of methods to measure and benchmark Customs performance. It took a holistic approach to performance measurement, including integration between the performance of regulatory agencies and other elements of supply chain performance;
  • Economic security and poverty reduction – For many developing countries in particular, the revenues collected by Customs represent an important portion of their total national income. The scope of this topic included the relative dependence on customs revenues of economies, and potential responses to declining revenue collection caused by, for example, the global financial crisis and a general reduction in duty rates. Such responses may include the use of effective tools and other capacity building solutions;
  • Integrity – Integrity is a prerequisite for effective Customs administration – This topic addressed ways in which integrity may be actively promoted by the WCO and its Members in partnership with the private sector and other interested stakeholders.

In examining and analysing these issues, conference participants were encouraged to identify a range of solutions to address identified concerns, with a particular emphasis on capacity building, improving performance and research opportunities for addressing the identified needs.

A key aim of the conference was to provide a truly global representation of the issues.

Conference Documents

Conference Presentations

The following presentations were delivered at the conference:

Opening Remarks Dr. Kunio Mikuriya, WCO Secretary General EN
Update on WCO Capacity Building Initiatives Mr. Erich Kieck, WCO Director, Capacity Building EN   FR
WCO PICARD Programme – An Overview Ms. Heike Barczyk, WCO Deputy Director, Capacity Building EN   FR
PICARD Programme Initiatives, Americas and Caribbean Region Prof. Jhon Fonseca, Universidad de Costa Rica EN
PICARD Programme Initiatives, Middle East and Africa Region Mr. Stephane Lauwick, University of Le Havre EN
PICARD Programme Initiatives, Asia-Pacific Region Mr. Mikhail Kashubsky, University of Canberra EN
WCO Framework of Principles and Practices for Customs Career Path and Development Ms. Bénédicte Meille, WCO HR Development Coordinator EN   FR
The role of the UNECE legal instruments for border crossing facilitation Mrs. Eva Molnar, Director of UNECE Transport Division EN
Empirical research informing Customs decision making Prof. David Widdowson, INCU EN   FR
INCU Updates Mr. Mikhail Kashubsky, INCU Secretariat EN
Role of International Conventions, Sub-regional and bilateral cross-border transport agreements in promoting Coordinated Border Management – Experience of ESCAP countries Mr. Sandeep Raj Jain, UN ESCAP, Thailand EN
Coordinated Border Management : From Theory to Practice Ms. Mariya Polner, WCO Research Unit EN   FR
Cross Border Regulatory Controls without Boundaries Mr. Anders Hellberg, Swedish Customs EN   FR
Extended logistical factors for success in international trade Prof. Dr. Franz Vallée & Mr. Michael Dircksen, University of Applied Science, Münster, Germany EN   FR
Developing of Performance Measurement for Russian Customs Service Prof. Alexey Gubin, Russian Customs Academy EN   FR
Performance measurement : The experience of French Customs Mr. Xavier Pascual, Management Control Unit, General Directorate of Customs and Excise, France EN   FR
Serving Trade and Security Mr. Robert Lüssi, Vice-Director and Head of Main Division, Swiss Federal Customs Administration EN   FR
Risk Management and Trade Facilitation Mr. John Broadhurst, Vice President of Cotecna Inspection EN
Developing the case for trade facilitation in practice Dr. Andrew Grainger, Nottingham University Business School, UK EN   FR
Reversing the trend: Low cost and low risk methods for assuring proper duty payments Mr. Holm Kappler, Meeks, Sheppard, Leo & Pillsbury, USA EN   FR
Integrity signals end to roller coaster ride – a Customs + Trade partnership approach to corruption Mr. Ashok Sadhwani, Asmara U.S.A. Inc., Los Angeles, US, and Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand EN   FR
Academe-industry partnership : an impetus in strengthening teaching and research of Customs administration in the Philippine higher educational institutions Mr. Samuel Bautista, AIR 21 Academy of Developmental Logistics, Philippines EN   FR
Risk Management Golden Rules & Learning Curve Mr. Didier Reymond, (Executive Vice President, Cotecna Inspection) EN
Development in Performance Measurement of Customs Enforcement Management Ms. Simone N’Diaye-van den Berg (Dutch Customs) EN   FR
Current Activities and Initiatives on Curriculum Development, Research and Capacity Building in Macedonian Customs Higher Education Dr. Jovanka Biljan (University of St. Kliment Ohridski-Bitola, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) EN
WCO Research Activities Mr. Tadashi Yasui (WCO Research Unit) EN
Improving Security Through Visibility in International Transports Mr. Rainer Mueller (ISL, Germany) EN

Conference Photos