1st INCU International Student Conference 2016

“Youth Dialogue – Capacity Building through International Customs Cooperation”

INCU Baku Regional Office together with the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Azerbaijan Customs Academy organised an International Student Conference “Youth Dialogue – Capacity Building through International Customs Cooperation”, which was held from 29 June to 1 July 2016 in Gabala, Azerbaijan.

Conference Summary

Prof. Aydin Aliyev, Chairman of the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Dr Mikhail Kashubsky, Head of INCU Secretariat addressed and welcomed the participants in the opening session of the conference.

The conference hosted four different sessions on International Trade, Customs Capacity Building, Customs Risk Analysis and Management and E-customs services for trade facilitation where students took part in active discussions with professional experts. The conference was attended by more than 100 participants from 20 different countries.

The event received coverage on several Azerbaijani TV channels. You can watch a video of the news report (in Azerbaijani) on the INCU YouTube Channel here.

Conference Documents

Conference Presentations

DAY 1 International Trade
“Inward processing under the Union Customs Code” Dominik Jędrak ENG
“A Brief Introduction to the Supervision over Inward Express Consignments in China” Luo Jiayu ENG
“Bilateral Memorandum of Understandings’ Role in Trade Facilitation signed by the Customs Authorities: A case with Joint Customs Council” Gizem Asma Senel ENG
“Remote release of goods in the Customs Policy of the Russian Federation as a factor of simplification of foreign trade” Dmitry Korol ENG
“International trade in the international economy” Gulshad Abilova
“Excise controls made together with the Mobile Laboratory of the Expert Institute of the National Tax and Customs Administration” Zoltan Kiraly
“Vietnam’s Customs Procedure Reform for Trade Facilitatio” Quynh Dang Thi ENG
“Practical problems of the export procedure under the new Union Customs Code” Manuel Sieben ENG
“Research into the Practical Development of Foreign Trade Service Outsourcing, taking the Yangtze River Delta Region for Example” Xinyi Ye ENG
“General characteristics, legal aspects and analysis of the “International Convention on the Simplification and Harmonization of Customs Procedures” from 05.18.1973 (in red. Protocol of 26.06.1999), “Revised Kyoto Convention”, which participants are the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union” Maria Kuzmenkova ENG
“The effect of the global financial crisis on international trade” Alishan Karimov
“Trade facilitation in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” Sara Simonovska
“Chinese Single Window” Wang Hui ENG
“Chinese customs regulations after accession to the World Trade Organization” Patryk Ryszewski ENG
“Exporting to Singapore – From legal issues to cultural differences” Kapl Sophia and Losbichler Alexander ENG
“Customs Policy and trade liberalization in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” Simona Stojanovska
Legal aspects and the analysis of international legal acts regulating the temprorary admission of goods, which participants are member states of the Eurasian Economic Union” Hanna Hrytskevich ENG
“Time release comparative study in the Former YugoslavRepublic of Macedonia” Katerina Toshevska – Trpchevska
“Effects from the established Technological Industrial Development Zones in the Former YugoslavRepublic of Macedonia” Viktorija Ilieva
Day 2 Customs Capacity Building
“Customs Capacity Building for the 21st Century – How to be successful in the future” Hendrikus van Zandwijk
The future of customs training in the EU in light of the new Union Customs Code.” Christopher Dallimore
“INCU – Recent Developments and Future Plans” Dr. Mikhail Kashubsky
“The importance of CustomsAcademia partnership in development of Customs Capacity Building” Zlatko Veterovski
“Professional and Educational Standards, Goods and Services Standards: their Correlation and Implementation” Prof. Olena Pavlenko
“Profile education in Russia as the factor of strengthening of human resources of customs authorities (as an example of the NorthWestern Institute of Management of the Presidential Academy)” Elizaveta Leonteva ENG
“New direction in the field of customs higher education – analysis andassessment specialization” Dr. Andrea Szabo
Customs Risk Analysis and Management
“Risk management” Pranas Placas RUS
“Fraud risk in customs” Łukasz Szyzdek ENG
“general overview and practical approach of the Russian Federal Customs Service” Boris Kabylinskiy ENG
“The risk analysis and risk management practices of the customs in the cargo (at the Liszt Ferenc International Airport)” Sandor Krausz
“The laws governing on customs debt in the Unions Customs Code” Thomas Hülskramer
“Opportunities and threats – dual-use items in international trade” Alexandra Meczko  
“Risk analysis in customs controls” Apostol Sheitanov and Antoan Slavchev ENG
“Problems of custom threat in international commerce. Analysis and examples” Kamila Marlena Ziemian ENG
“Fight against smuggling in Azerbaijan” Kamil Manafov  
Day 3 E-customs Services for Trade Facilitation
“E-Customs as a tool of global trade facilitation: national practices” Rasim Imanov and Ramil Imanov
“Electronisation of Bulgarian Customs Administration” Leylya Izetova, Bozhidar Bahov and Sabka Pashova ENG
“Trade Imbalance of Shanghai Information Industry” Wenyin Huang ENG
“Artificial intelligence in the framework of ‘electronic customs’ concept” Elviz Ismayilov
“How Evolving Technology Will Transform the Business World” Yosef Ayman Ahmad Sahli
“Supporting Continuity of Electronic Customs Systems by means of Business Continuity Management in Customs: A Brief Overview” Seda Akkaya ENG
“The impact of e-commerce on international trade in Hungary” David Takacs
“Application of modern ICT – main factor of development and modernization in customs” Ulugbek Shovazov
“Mitigating and managing risks in e-customs services” Evangjelia Sali

Conference Photos