New Editorial Advisory and Editorial Boards of the Customs Scientific Journal!

The Customs Scientific Journal has appointed new Editorial Advisory Board and Editorial Board.

Most members of the Customs Scientific Journal (CSJ) Editorial Advisory Board were previously members of the old Editorial Board. Among them are INCU Honorary Fellow, Prof. Aydin Aliyev, PICARD Advisory Group member, Prof. Aivars Krastins, and our colleague and friend Mr Zlatko Veterovski.

The INCU Secretariat is also now represented on the Editorial Board of the Journal following INCU Head of Secretariat’s, Dr Mikhail Kashubsky’s appointment to the Editorial Board in October 2015.

Two members of the INCU Advisory Board, Prof. Dr. Lothar Gellert and Prof. Dr. Wieslaw Czyzowicz are also members of the CSJ Editorial Board.