New Book – English for Special Purposes Syllabus for Customs and Excise

Nadia Degli Antoni PHD, Senior Customs Officer, Associate Researcher, Department of Law, University of Verona (Italy) and Cesare Gagliardi Full Professor of English Linguistics, Associate Researcher, Department of Law, University of Verona (Italy) has jointly written the book “ESP Syllabus for Customs & Excise” 

This book is published with the intent to show how a definite register of ESP (English for Special Purposes) alias ECE (English for Customs and Excise), might represent a fundamental network bridge in order to support the system of shared knowledge among different academic programs for customs at international level.

It focuses on teaching ECE to a specific category of learners, that of Customs Officers, Forwarding Agents and Customs Practitioners, with a pre-intermediate/intermediate level (A2/B1) competence in English and at the same time it offers them the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of the subject.

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