Colegio de Sto Domingo de Silos

Colegio de Sto Domingo de Silos

Biographical Info Colegio de Sto Domingo de Silos is a centre for education, confession, Catholicism and private initiatives. The notional entity is the “Obra Diocesana Santo Domingo de Silos” foundation of the archdiocese of zaragoza, which has its own legal personality, full capacity and autonomy for legal recognition. The education sector is the result of a harmonious integration of all the elements involved in the school: nominal entities, students, teachers, administrators and service personnel, and parents of students. Since 1959, it has lived in the capital of aragon, dedicated every day to high-quality education and training, as well as the vision of the future brought by new technologies and new forms of learning.

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City Batangas

Country Philippines