Those who are interested in publishing a paper on the following issues are welcome to submit their contribution via email to the editors for consideration.

Submissions should should cover the following topics:

  • International trade and its impacts on economy;
  • Customs policy-making;
  • Customs law and regulations;
  • Risk management in International Trade;
  • Use of ICT in customs management

Papers on emerging trends in cyber-security will be given preference during this review cycle.



  • Articles must be clearly presented and have purpose for the readers. The Editorial Team solicits and encourages publication of worthy papers with a length not exceeding 25 published pages (approximately 10,000 words). Those of a length exceeding 25 pages, but containing very important results, can be published by the consent of the Advisory Board.
  • Only papers not previously published in their full form are allowed. If an article contains material reproduced from other sources, the necessary written permission from the author(s) and publisher must accompany the paper.
  • Anything under 2500 words will not be considered.
  • The first page should include the title of the article, the names and primary affiliations of the author(s), an abstract (not exceeding one page), and keywords. All figures, photographs, tables, or drawings should be numbered. References must be in MLA format. Entries in the reference list should be put in alphabetical order. Endnotes in the text should be avoided if possible.
  • Articles may be submitted by e-mail. Please submit your manuscript to the following addresses:;