INCU Representatives Lead a Panel Discussion at the International Summit on Borders 2017

INCU President Prof David Widdowson (Head of School, Centre for Customs and Excise Studies, Charles Sturt University, Australia), INCU Advisory Board Member, Mr Lars Karlsson (President of KGH Border Services, Sweden), Mr Akshay Pottathil (Director, Digital Borders at BORDERPOL and Co-Director, Center for Information Convergence & Strategy, San Diego State University, USA) and a good friend of INCU, Dr Alan D Bersin (former Assistant Secretary of the US Department of Homeland Security), presented on a joint panel and led discussions on “The Next Generation of International Security Standards Needed for the Global Supply Chain” at the International Summit on Borders held from 13 to 14 June 2017 in Washington DC, USA.

The International Summit on Borders is one of the newest annual gathering of global leaders focused on the intersection of international trade and travel with homeland security and other transnational threats. The international audience of exclusive, “invitation only” delegates represent a diverse cross-section of political leaders, practitioners and stakeholders to address security challenges and migration management issues.

Global leaders, practitioners and stakeholders spent two days in Washington, D.C. to meet, talk, learn, share, network and innovate, addressing the most pressing issues facing international border security agencies today. This year’s program features distinguished speakers and border security experts from the US, Canada, Australia, Mexico, UK, Colombia, Australia, Singapore and Europe. The important role of technology in borders and impact of digital borders were highlighted in this summit.