INCU Shanghai-Canberra Skype Bridge Video Conference Call

On 20 April 2016, the INCU Secretariat organised a “Shanghai-Canberra Skype Bridge” video conference call with colleagues, friends and students at the Shanghai Customs College (SCC). The video conference call was attended by lecturers and students from China, Russia, Australia and Bangladesh.

From the Shanghai side, the participants of the video conference call included a lecturer from the Centre for Customs and Excise Studies (CCES), Mr Michel Neilsen who was teaching a Direct Taxation course in Shanghai, a lecturer and a group of students from North-Western Institute of Management (St Petersburg, Russia), Dr Boris Kabylinskiy and several Russian students, as well as SCC Secretary of Postgraduate Office, Ms Chi Zhang and several Chinese students. From the Canberra side, participants were INCU Head of Secretariat, Dr Mikhail Kashubsky and INCU Membership Affairs & Communications Officer, Mr Tariq Hassan.

Topics of discussion included: student activities and other events that were taking place at SCC in April as well as recent INCU activities and future plans, particularly relating to student activities. The participants also discussed the upcoming INCU Student Conference in Gabala, Azerbaijan.