INCU Members Participate in the 3rd Annual ‘Left of Boom’ International Conference

INCU Head of Secretariat, Dr Mikhail Kashubsky, and three INCU Members, Mr Samuel Bautista, Mr Lee Wakefield and Prof Akshay Pottathil participated in the 3rd Annual ‘Left of Boom’ International Conference, which took place from 3 to 5 May 2017 in San Diego, USA.

Organised annually by an INCU Affiliate, the Centre for Information Convergence and Strategy (CICS), San Diego State University (SDSU), this three-day event was dedicated to proactive strategies in three domains:

  1. Trade & Security
  2. Health & Environment
  3. Science & Technology

The conference brought together experts from academia, government and the private sector specialising in fields as diverse as global security, criminology, medicine, communication, big data, trade and adaptive intelligence. Topics discussed at the conference included:

  • International & Domestic Security
  • Ports/Borders & Illicit Trafficking
  • Threat Analysis & Pattern Recognition
  • Intelligence & Surveillance Technology
  • Cyber Attacks and Net-Centric Warfare
  • Leadership & Operator Training
  • Law Enforcement & Military
  • Health Information & Remote Care
  • Urban Violence & Mental Health
  • Smart Cities & e-Governance
  • Climate Change and Future Living
  • Population Dynamics and Global Health

Prof Akshay Pottathil co-chaired the conference and delivered a presentation on the topic of “The Internet of Everything”. Dr Mikhail Kashubsky delivered a presentation on the security of offshore oil and gas industry and Mr Samuel Bautista spoke about recent international trade facilitation and supply chain security developments and initiatives in the Philippines and the Asia Pacific region.