INCU Member Releases New Book on Single Windows

We are pleased to announce the release of new book titled “Single Windows and Trade Facilitation: A Tool for Development” by INCU member, Dr Dennis Ndonga.

The Single Windows electronic environment, introduced as part of the World Trade Organization’s Agreement on Trade Facilitation (ATF) in December 2013, promises to bring meaningful gains to all parties involved in cross-border commerce. The main value proposition for having a single window for a country or economy is to increase the efficiency through time and cost savings for traders in their dealings with government authorities for obtaining the relevant clearance and permit(s) for moving cargoes across national or economic borders. However, a common view in developing countries is that the system’s implementation costs far outweigh its presumed (and questionable) benefits.

The author analyses key challenges facing the adoption of Single Windows, and provides you with well-thought-out direction to help developing countries preparing to enforce the relevant provisions of the ATF. He sets out his views as to how trade facilitation, especially in its Single Windows guise, can enable the internal constraints of developing countries.

For further information about the book and the table of contents, please click here.