INCU Advisory Board Member Gives Testimony at the UK House of Commons Committee

On 20 March 2018, INCU Advisory Board Member and President of KGH Border Services, Mr Lars Karlsson was invited as an expert witness to the hearing of the UK House of Commons, Exiting the European Union Committee to provide his views on border solutions post-Brexit. Mr Karlsson offered a technical solution to keep an open border in Ireland after Brexit. The hearing was held in Whitehall, Portcullis House and was broadcasted live by BBC.

In November 2017, Mr Lars Karlsson presented a report ’SmartBorder 2.0’ outlining a model for the new EU-UK border post-Brexit for the European Parliament. According to Mr Karlsson, a ‘smart border’ concept involving digital technology, electronic declarations and trusted trader schemes can be implemented at every UK-EU border and would work under any political outcome.

Some of the questions from the MPs of the House of Commons Committee were related to the proposals in the European Parliament report, which has been called a blueprint by British media.

In his final comment to the Committee, Mr Karlsson stated: “I believe that everybody that can contribute to good solutions in this complicated solution – should do so. If UK Government wants me and my colleagues involved when going forward, I will be honored to offer my experience, knowledge and ideas”.

You can watch the hearing and Lars Karlsson’s testimony at the Parliament TV website.