Head of INCU Secretariat visits Azerbaijan Customs Headquarters and Azerbaijan Customs Academy

On 25 June 2019, Head of INCU Secretariat, Dr Mikhail Kashubsky, visited the headquarters of the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan and met with Chairman of the State Customs Committee, Lieutenant-General Mr Safar Mehdiyev. The meeting focused on the cooperation between the INCU and Azerbaijan State Customs Committee, and the establishment of these relations on a solid basis and emphasised the high level of development of these relations.

The Chairman of the Committee, Safar Mehdiyev said that special attention is paid to educational and research activities based on scientific research in the organisation of customs business. He also noted that for this purpose the Customs Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan has established continuous and business cooperation with the World Customs Organization, the International Network of Customs Universities and other related organisations.

Dr Kashubsky stressed that the opening of the first regional office of INCU in Baku is a clear example of the high level of mutual cooperation and thanked Chairman of the State Customs Committee for a sincere meeting.

Later that day Dr Kashubsky also visited the Academy of the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the INCU Regional Office in Baku, Azerbaijan. Dr Kashubsky met with the Rector of the Customs Academy, Mr Gulu Novruzov, and other senior administrative and academic staff.

The visit proceeded with a tour of the Academy facilities and a brief visit to the INCU Regional Office, which is now located on the premises of the Academy. Dr Kashubsky was given an opportunity to observe the training of fourth year students and professional development of officials of the State Customs Committee of Azerbaijan.

Dr Mikhail Kashubsky showed appreciation for his warm welcome and said he was pleased with the innovations in the Academy. On behalf of the INCU, Mikhail expressed confidence that the INCU would continue its close cooperation with the Academy. Both sides also exchanged views and ideas on the expansion of mutual cooperation.