Head of INCU Secretariat Publishes First Academic Book on Security of Offshore Oil and Gas Platforms

On 29 April 2016, INCU Head of Secretariat, Dr Mikhail Kashubsky, published the first academic book on the security of offshore oil platforms titled Offshore Oil and Gas Installations: An International Perspective, which is published by Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group as part of Routledge’s Maritime & Transport Law Series.

This book has been 10 years in the making and Dr Kashubsky was pleased to present the first signed copy of his book to INCU President, Prof. David Widdowson, at the INCU Headquarters in Canberra, whom Dr Kashubsky thanked for support over the years and for understanding the challenges involved in writing a book’.

Later that week, Dr Kashubsky together with INCU President, Prof. David Widdowson and INCU Research Officer, Mr Atem Garang, visited the National Press Club of Australia to celebrate Dr Kashubsky’s book publication.

About the Book
Oil and natural gas, which today account for over 60% of the world’s energy supply, are often produced by offshore platforms. One third of all oil and gas comes from the offshore sector. However, offshore oil and gas installations are generally considered intrinsically vulnerable to deliberate attacks. The changing security landscape and concerns about the threats of terrorism and piracy to offshore oil and gas installations are major issues for energy companies and governments worldwide.

This timely and first of its kind publication answers key questions and examines the protection and security of offshore oil and gas installations from a global, industry-wide and company-level perspective. Crucially, the book includes a comprehensive dataset of attacks and security incidents involving offshore oil and gas installations entitled the Offshore Installations Attack Dataset (OIAD).


  • Foreword by Dr Michael White QC
  • Offshore Petroleum Security Context
  • Offshore Assets and Operations
  • Offshore Security Threats
  • Offshore Target Selection Considerations
  • Legal Status of Offshore Oil and Gas Installations
  • Pre-9/11 International Regulatory Framework
  • Post-9/11 International Regulatory Responses
  • International Oil and Gas Industry Responses
  • Conclusions
  • Afterword by Dr Alan D Bersin
  • Appendix – Offshore Installations Attack Dataset (OIAD)

For more information please see a detailed table of contents or the book’s profile on the publisher’s website.