BORDERPOL Appoints INCU Member as Vice-President for Technology

The World Border Organization (BORDERPOL) completed highly successful conference and workshop in Prague. The event, co-hosted by the Czech Ministry of Interior was attended by 85 delegates from around the world. It featured speakers and senior representatives from countries and organizations such as India, Qatar, Argentina, Taiwan, South Africa, Mexico, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Turkey, the United States, Japan, Europol, and Interpol among others.

The theme of this year’s event was “Managing Border Security and Human Mobility in the Age of Risk”. The event gave senior government officials and private sector managers an opportunity to discuss new developments in risk management, technology, information sharing and industry developments. The conference was attended by INCU Members, Prof. Akshay Pottathil and Mr Lee Wakefield from San Diego, USA. We congratulate Prof. Pottathil on his appointment as BORDERPOL Vice-President for Technology.

Prof. Pottathil is also a co-Chair of the upcoming Annual “Left of Boom” International Conference in San Diego, which will be held from 2 to 4 May 2018 where proactive threat mitigation strategies in the trade, security, health, environment, science and technology will be discussed.