ANIMA-FLA Partnership in Customs Training for the Private Sector

On 28 March 2019, the Federation of the Italian Associations of Mechanical and Engineering Industry (ANIMA) and Easyfrontier co-schemed Training Programme on Customs Issues for Executives and Employees, which has been endorsed by the INCU, came to a successful conclusion. ANIMA is a long standing Institutional Member of the INCU that regularly plays an active role in INCU activities and initiatives.

The programme covered subjects ranging from basic Customs know-how such as INCOTERMS, Customs Procedures, Customs Valuation, Classification and Rules of Origin, to the frontiers such as Simplifications and AEO, with the aim of raising competencies of executives and employees in the private sector from the official and professional point of view. Participants in the programme were from medium to large manufacturing enterprises.

At the closure of the training programme participants were issued with Certificates of Attendance and are considered to be fully equipped with new knowledge and skills that would help to enhance their future business operations. This marked not only a successful utilisation of the training programme format, but also the significant partnership between the private sector and Customs.