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This download contains the following presentations delivered at the WCO PICARD Conference 2007 held in Brussels, Belgium.

Supply Chain Security: Additing to an Already Complex Operational and Institutional Environment Andrew Grainger
Container Security Initiative (CSI) Overview Christopher Dallimore
Global Supply Chain Securitization As Applied to Seaport Operations: A Knowledge-based Approach Sefacil Research Institute
Voluntary Supply Chain Security Program Impacts: An Emperical Study  with BASC Member Companies Ximena Gutierrez and Juha Hintsa
Information Technology for Adoption and Intelligent Design of E-Government (ITAIDE) Prof Dr Yao-Hua Tan
Draft Annex I of the WCO Professional Standards – Strategic Managers/Leaders WCO and INCU
Draft Annex II of the WCO Professional Standards– Operational Managers/Leaders WCO and INCU
PICARD Conference – Professional Standards, Why? PICARD
Address on the Launch of the World Customs Journal Kunio Mikuriya