Tania Carvalhais Pereira

Tania Carvalhais Pereira

Tania Carvalhais Pereira

Biographical Info Tania Carvalhais Pereira is an Invited Lecturer at Catolica Lisbon School of Law. She develops research mostly in Tax and Customs Law and teaches the courses of excise and customs duties. Coordinating Católica's Post Graduate Program on EU Customs Law. Experienced as counsel and legal on EU and African customs law. She has been recognized in the category Women in Tax Leaders by the International Tax Review since 2016. Tânia Carvalhais Pereira is the Head of Tax at CAAD - the Administrative Arbitral Centre. In this capacity, she is also co-coordinator of the “Tax Arbitration Journal” and the collective book “The Portuguese Tax Arbitration Regime”. Among her publications, one can highlight the books about "Impostos Especais de Consumo” (Excise duties - 2016) and most recently “Direito Adauneiro Europeu – vertente tributária” (EU customs law - 2020). Ms. Pereira is also co-author of the “Tax Arbitration Guide”. Tânia Carvalhais Pereira is member of the “Vienna Multi-Stakeholder Group on Improving Cross-Border Dispute Resolution: VAT and Disputes”, coordinated by Prof. Dr. Jeffrey Owens, director of the Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law, Vienna University of Economics and Business.

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City Lisbon

Country Portugal

Website https://fd.lisboa.ucp.pt/pt-pt/catolica-next-formacao-avancada/programas-de-pos-graduacao/pos-graduacao-em-direito-aduaneiro