Wisnu Nugrahini

Wisnu Nugrahini

Wisnu Nugrahini

Biographical Info I used to be a government employee at the Directorate General of Customs and Excise from 1996-2017, I passed the test and was appointed as a Customs and Excise lecturer at Customs and Excise Education and Training Center since 2018. In the framework of heading for the RTC, trainers need training from the world and have an international network, infact we lack of information of International training. Since I became a trainer, I have attended international training: 1. E-commerce training in Manila Philippines, which was conducted by UNCTAD in May 2019. 2. WCO training in Brussels(2019) 3. eLearning about Digital held by UNCTAD(2019) I also actively participated in the call for paper: 1. Retroactive Check Problem Analysis in Free Trade Areas from Customs Perspective, 2. The Impact of Import Duty Exemption Policy of Delivery Goods in Indonesia 3. The Implementation of Blended Learning Method in Customs And Excise Education and Training Center, 4. The Influence of Retail Tariff Policy and Price of Machine-Made Clove Cigarette, 5. The analysis of Cross Border e-commerce in The Directorate General of Customs and Excise (DGCE), presented in PICARD 6. The Implementation of E-commerce in Indonesia and ASEAN Countries, presented in PICARD

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