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Network of the Law Enforcement Training Institutions – “LE TrainNet”

As many of you have been already informed the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), within its inter-regional approach, is, seeking to promote closer cooperation between various law enforcement training/educational institutions through its “LE TrainNet” initiative. The objectives of the initiative are briefly outlined below:

Objectives - To establish/develop/promote a Network of the Law Enforcement Training Institutions – “LE TrainNet” to 

(i) Develop, in coordination with INTERPOL, World Customs Organisation and other partners, an inter-regional network of training/educational entities for law enforcement agencies, to include police, customs, border agencies and other law enforcement bodies;

(ii) Establish/identify focal points and working contacts at both senior management and working/operational levels at law enforcement training institutions to promote the sharing and exchange of best practices and lessons learned, as well as the exchange of training curricula, training materials, training methodologies and trainers;

(iii) if possible and deemed appropriate create/expand an electronic library of law enforcement training materials (with secure access restricted to authorised personnel) and database, containing contact details of the “LE TrainNet” participating training institutions and their focal points.

Already in place are a number of initiatives between different categories of training institutions, for instance: regular INTERPOL Police Training Symposia, the International Association of Police Academies (INTERPA) - initiative for police academies, and, similarly, for Customs training centres - the International Network of Customs Universities (INCU), and, more recently, the border management colleges under OSCE. However, it is also clear that there are a number of topics and areas of training, which are common to all law enforcement agencies, be it police, customs, specialised law enforcement agencies, border or coast guards, etc. Therefore, "LE TrainNet" will focus on these primary issues and topics of common interest.

The Government of Azerbaijan has kindly offered to host an initial meeting at the ADA University in Baku, 28-29 April 2015.

Official invitations to all member states were sent through their Permanent Missions in Vienna and New York. Draft agenda and information for participants are attached for your kind attention. If you would like to suggest specific topics for the agenda please feel free to do so.

To confirm your interest and provide your feedback to Ms. Michaela Matichova () and Mr. Tofik Murshudlu ().


For further information please click here:


Information Sheet

Invitations Permanent Missions New York

Invitations Permanent Missions Vienna



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