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WCO PICARD Conference 2013 - Partnership in Customs Academic Research and Development

The 8th WCO PICARD Conference took place from 18 to 20 September 2013 in St Petersburg, Russia. It was attended by a record number of nearly 250 delegates. The annual PICARD Conference is a joint initiative of the WCO and INCU, and this year's conference was jointly organised by the WCO and the International Business and Law Institute of the National Research University ITMO, Russian Federation, with support from the International Network of Customs Universities (INCU) and the Customs Administration of Russian Federation.






The Conference was opened by Prof. Elena Bogdanova, Director of the International Business and Law Institute of ITMO, Mr. Kokorev, Chairman of the Board of the  “International Center of External Economic Activities Development CADUCEUS” Fund, Mr. Komlichenko, Deputy Director General, Russian Customs, and the Secretary General of the WCO, Mr. Kunio Mikuriya.


The Conference focused on three topics: the WCO Economic Competitiveness Package; the impact on Customs of various regional integration initiatives; and enhancing professionalism in Customs, that is to say how to operationalize the PICARD 2020 Strategic Document. During the Conference, presentations on high-quality research outcomes, panel discussions and workshops were organized, leading to intensive interaction with and among the participants.

In his opening address and his various contributions on the three Conference topics, Secretary General Mikuriya welcomed the input by academia and the exchange of ideas and experience under the WCO PICARD umbrella, which would be taken into account in the WCO’s policy discussions. In this context, he encouraged participants to invest in even more research in support of Customs’ decision-making processes. He expressed the WCO’s determination to remain agile to the changing global trade landscape, and to keep WCO instruments relevant in support of economic competitiveness. He also highlighted the critical role played by Customs in regional co-operation and integration initiatives and the necessity to enhance Customs capacity building in respect of professionalism.

As a new feature of the WCO PICARD Conference, the host university organized a half-day Youth Forum immediately after the Conference. It brought together students from various universities who held lively discussions with Conference speakers and participants on topics raised during the Conference, as well as on future career possibilities in Customs and in the international arena.




Conference Porgramme :  English


Presentation of the Chairs, Moderators and Speakers:



Presentations delivered at the 2013 PICARD Conference







Economic Competitiveness Package

Mr. Toshihiko Osawa



Information Exchange in Global

Logistics Chains: an application for

Model-based Auditing

Dr. Albert W. Veenstra


Import value de-minimis level in selected economies as cause of

undervaluation of imported goods

Mr. Cezary Sowinski


Measuring-Up Customs: A Trade Compliance Cost Perspective

Dr. Andrew Grainger



Customs Administrations under

Customs Union Systems

Mr. Tadashi Yasui




The Impact on Customs of the Development, Implementation and Administration of Regional Integration Initiatives: The Case for Zimbabwe revenue Authority

Dr. Nellie Dhaerah




Post Doha Disease. and the new

Global Trade Paradigm: an Industry


Mr. Andrew Jackson




Enhancing Border Management in SADC

to support the Consolidation of deeper Regional


Prof. Gerhard Erasmus


Stories of coordinating border management in the trans- Tasman single economic market

Ms. Germana Nicklin





Mr.Shujie Zhang



Role of Customs in FTAs in ESA

Mr. Rajeev Nawosah


Legal Environment of Integration Processes in the Customs Union within the Eurasian Economic Community: Criminal Legal Aspect

Ms. Natalia Nyrkova



The impact of Regional

Integration Processes and

Initiatives on Customs


Mr. Vladimir Shamakhov




General Customs

Administration of Mexico

Mr. Jesus M. Vasquez Gomez


The enhancement of

Professionalism in Customs


the Operationalization of

the PICARD 2020

Strategic Document

Mrs. Zsuzsa Kecskes


Through the Lens of the WCO

Professional Standards and

PICARD 2020:

Using Strategic HRM in

Customs Development Projects

Ms. Unnur Yr Kristjansdottir


EU Competency Framework

for the Customs profession

Mrs. Birgit Reiser


Supranational professional standards as the basis

for a national vocational training of

Customs officials: how to implement a PICARD

professional standard in the national

education systems?

Prof. Elena Bogdanova


WCO Research Unit

Mr.Robert Ireland




WCO Learning & Development Initiatives

Ms. Bénédicte Meille




Building Customs Authorities’

Capacity through Partnership

with a Local College

Dr. Ibrahim Saleh Al-Naimi




Academic Activities and Regional


Mr. Brian Hurrell


INCU Updates

Dr. Mikhail Kashubsky


Evaluation of PICARD Standards .World Class Customs

Prof. Jhon Fonseca









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