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WCO PICARD Conference 2016 - Partnership in Customs Academic Research and Development

The 11th annual WCO PICARD Conference was held from 27 to 29 September 2016 in Manila, Philippines and concluded successfully after three days of thought-provoking presentations by speakers and dynamic discussions among participants.    

This year's PICARD Conference was attended by more than 250 participants from 54 countries, representing Customs administrations, academic and research communities, international and regional organisations, and the private sector.   

The annual PICARD Conferences have positively impacted the work of Customs since 2006, providing a platform for informed dialogue between Customs administrations, universities, and research institutes on topics relevant to Customs and international trade. This year the Conference was hosted by the Philippine Bureau of Customs with support from Korea Customs Service (KCS).  

The Conference started with opening remarks by WCO Secretary General, Dr Kunio Mikuriya, the Commissioner of the Philippine Bureau of Customs, Captain Nicanor Faeldon, and the Undersecretary of the Department of Finance of the Philippines, Ms Antonette Tionko.  

The research work, discussions and presentations for this year's conference evolved around the four key topics: digital customs, revenue matters, illicit trade, and security. It also benefited from an interdisciplinary approach to research and policy analysis on Customs matters, international trade, and borders. A keynote address on tobacco control and taxation was given by Luk Joossens from the Belgian Foundation against Cancer and Association of European Cancer Leagues. The Conference concluded with a Youth Forum, which enabled students from universities across China, the Philippines, Russia and Ukraine to discuss topics integral to Customs as well as future career possibilities in the field of Customs and international trade. 

This year, some 100 INCU members and representatives of INCU Institutional Members and Affiliates attended the PICARD Conference in Manila either as speakers and/or delegates including: 2 INCU Management Committee Members, 2 INCU Advisory Board Members, 2 INCU Honorary Fellows and 1 INCU Secretariat Member.  

Conference Agenda: English   

Conference Photos: Gallery

Conference Presentations:




Policies and Practices of the Logistics and Freight Forwarding Industry in the Philippines

Luz Bacani-Dasmarinas


Customs Brokers Profession: Philippines Setting

Ferdinand Nague


Philippine Customs at a Cross Road: Instituting Reforms, Implementing the RKC and Enhancing Revenue Collection amidst the Free Trade Agreements

Agaton Uvero


Customs Management in Multinational Companies

Andrew Grainger


Emerging Trends in International Transit Transport Facilitation ĘC Implications For Customs Authorities

Sandeep Raj Jain


Economic Benefits of TIR - UNESCAP Focus

Jens Hugel


Digital Customs: Opportunities and Challenges in Africa

Chiza Charles Chiumya

Patrick Kanyimbo


The Revolution on Air Passenger Control in Brazil: How a Multidisciplinary Approach Changed the Landscape Of Customs Control at the Brazilian Borders in less than three years

Felipe Mendes Moraes

Fabiano Coelho


Transforming China e-Customs and EPort into National Single Window

Wellington Tao Liu


Basic Project Management Principles for the Development of Digital Customs

Igbal Babayev


Interagency Coordination in the Implementation of Single Window: Lessons and Good Practice from Korea

Feiyi Wang


Trade Facilitation and Supply Chain Security: Evaluation of Integrated Cargo Containers Control Programme between Pakistan and the United States

Salamat Ali


The Fight against Illicit Trade in Asian Cultural Property

Stefan Gruber


Open-Source Investigations of Antiquities Trafficking By States, Non-State Armed Groups and Organised Criminals: What We Know and How We Know It

Samuel Andrew Hardy


Just passing through? Illegal Ivory Trade in Uganda

Siv Runhovde


Tax and Good Governance: A Cure for Kimberly Process Blues?

Bernd Schlenther


Lyceum-San Diego State University Advance Studies Center

Samuel Bautista, Peter Laurel

Akshay Pottathil

Addressing Industry Myths in Tobacco Tax Reform in the Philippines

Ulysses Dorotheo

Philippines Excise Tax Stamp Project

Emma V. Teodoro

Tobacco Control in Australia: the Success of Plain Packaging and Taxation

Caroline Miller

Extending Customs Services Capabilities in Fighting Illicit Trade by Tracking and Tracing of Tobacco Products ĘC Legal Aspects and Practical Results

Wieslaw Czyzowicz

Leszek Bartlomiejczyk


The Use of Detailed Statistical Data in Customs Reform. The Case of Madagascar

Antsa Rakotoarisoa


Rules of Origin and the Anti-Dumping Agreement

Maarja Saluste Kuklane


Breaking Down Barriers when Analyzing Data to Support Customs Modernization: a Case Study in Gabon

Cyril Chalendard


Social Advance Ruling on Classification in China: an Optimal Allocation Model of Holistic Governance

Xinyi Ye, Shujie Zhang

and Caihong Hou


ICCS: A Novel Optimized Model for Improving ECustoms Performance

Habibollah Arasteh Rad

Saaed Arash


A Customs Modernization Process Triggered by Customs Union

Aybike Yalcin Ispir


Customs Valuation in Russia: Application of International Law

Anna Petrik


Research on Outsourcing Adopted by Foreign Trade Businesses in the Customs Brokerage Services: Taking the Yangtze River Delta Region for Example

Xinyi Ye


Concerning the Subject of Implementing Customs Post-audit and its Role in the Mechanism of Customs Regulations in Ukraine

Vasylyna Zinkiv


Analyzing the Efficiency of the Eurasian Economic Union

Valentina Pudonina


Implementation of Anti-dumping Measures in the Russian Federation in the Framework of the EAEU

Daria Goncharova

Marina Vinkskaya


Time Release Study as an Effectiveness Measurement Tool for the SAFE Framework of Standards Implementation

Maksim Popov


The Main Directions of Reengineering in the Development of Information Customs Technologies

Roman Lapa


Prospects for the development of International Customs Cooperation

Andrey Nikolayev


INCU recent developments and future plans

Mikhail Kashubsky





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